Upcoming Lessons

The information on this page changes frequently. It provides a map to the correct pages on our Sign Up Genius account. For more information, please click on the links and be sure to read the FULL DESCRIPTIONS on Sign Up Genius.

CLINICS are where you learn to do a thing. TRAINING GROUPS are where you go to practice the thing you have learned and become really good at it. If your goal is to learn how to do something, register for a clinic. If your goal is to become a better player, follow that up by joining a training group.

A101Pickleball Skills for BeginnersBeginner Clinic
A102Learn How to Play Pickleball (The Rules)Beginner Clinic
A103Additional Practice for Pickleball BeginnersBeginner Clinic
C254Learn How to ServeBeginner Clinic
T250Practice to Improve Serving ConsistencyT250 Training Group
C253DLearn How to DinkBeginner Clinic
T250Practice to Improve Dinking ConsistencyT250 Training Group
C251Learn How to Hit ForehandsBeginner Clinic
T250Practice to Improve Forehand ConsistencyT250 Training Group
C252Learn How to Hit BackhandsBeginner Clinic
T250Practice to Improve Backhand ConsistencyT250 Training Group
C301Learn How to Return ServesNovice Clinic
T300Practice to Improve Return ConsistencyT300 Training Group
C304VLearn How to VolleyNovice Clinic
T300Practice to Improve Volley ConsistencyT300 Training Group
C304BLearn How to Block Hard ShotsNovice Clinic
T300Practice to Improve Blocking ConsistencyT300 Training Group
C305Learn How to Let Balls Go OutNovice Clinic
T300Practice to Improve Letting Balls Go OutT300 Training Group
C306Learn How to DropNovice Clinic
T350Practice to Improve Drop Shot ConsistencyT300 Training Group
C352Learn How to Speed UpIntermediate Clinic
T350Practice to Improve Speedup ConsistencyT350 Training Group
C353Learn How to Lob & Hit OverheadsIntermediate Clinic
T350Practice to Improve Lob & Overhead ConsistencyT350 Training Group
C356Learn How to Use Two HandsIntermediate Clinic
T350Practice to Improve Two-hand Shot ConsistencyT350 Training Group
C351RLearn How to ResetIntermediate Clinic
T350Practice to Improve Reset ConsistencyT350 Training Group
C357Learn How to SpinIntermediate Clinic
T350Practice to Improve Spin ConsistencyT350 Training Group
C403Learn How to Counter SpeedupsIntermediate Clinic
T400Practice to Improve Countering ConsistencyT400 Training Group
C404Learn How to PoachIntermediate Clinic
T400Practice to Improve Poaching ConsistencyT400 Training Group
C406Learn How to StackIntermediate Clinic
T400Practice to Improve Stacking ConsistencyT400 Training Group